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Tortosa property

Los Duendes Properties would love to help you find a property in Tortosa. This beautiful place is located inland beyond the Costa Dorada. The atmosphere is authentically Spanish, or actually Catalonian. A property in Tortosa has some advantages compared to properties at the coast. First of all there is less tourism and the prices are lower. Nevertheless, your dream property in Tortosa is still very close to the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea. The proximity of Barcelona airport makes Tortosa even more attractive to settle. Different airlines strongly compete in flights to Barcelona such that it is relatively cheap to visit your property in Tortosa regularly.

What does a property in Tortosa have to offer?

Properties in Tortosa are definitely worth your consideration. Tortosa is a place for people that like to enjoy the life in the city but also love to make trips into nature. In the so-called Cadó Massief that lies close to your property in Tortosa, you can cool off in the summer because it is relatively cool. It is also very quite so you can go there to relax as well. The climate is such that both early and late in the year the temperatures are perfect to go for a walk. Once you have your property in Tortosa this is definitely something you should try! From the start of May to the start of October you can join the tourists at the beautiful Mediterranean beach after which you head back to your property in Tortosa to enjoy your peace and quiet.

Finding a property in Tortosa

Los Duendes Properties can help you to find your ideal property in Tortosa. We know our way around this part of Spain and distinguish ourselves from other estate agents by our reliable service. We have helped a lot of people to their full satisfaction already and we are convinced we can help you to make a good choice as well. From our own experience we know the (administrative) traps and problems that can occur when buying a property in Tortosa. We don’t want your dream to turn into a nightmare and therefore our service doesn’t stop after the contract has been signed. We want you to feel at home in your new property in Tortosa and make sure you will enjoy it for a long time.