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Costa Dorada real estate

Real estate at the Costa Dorada is an excellent investment because of the beautiful coastline where the Spanish sierras meet the Mediterranean Sea, the lively beachside resorts and villages and finally the practical location near the airport of Barcelona. The latter could be important if you cannot or don’t want to emigrate to Spain but would like a second home there. If you buy a real estate object at the Costa Dorada you obviously want to go there on a regular basis so it is convenient if you can travel there easily and in the shortest possible time. Actually, also if you are buying it is easier to visit family or to have family come over when your property is easy to reach. With real estate at the Costa Dorada you can go by plane, but if you are from the North of Europe you can also drive via the French toll roads.

What does real estate at the Costa Dorada have to offer?

If you choose to buy real estate at the Costa Dorada, you choose for a stable region which will retain its attractiveness probably forever. The climate/weather, the proximity to the rest of Europe and the good facilities like hospitals and foreign social communities form a strong basis for real estate at the Costa Dorada. The bathing season in most years starts at the beginning of May and lasts until the beginning of October, but also most days outside this season you can enjoy the terrace of your real estate at the Costa Dorada.

Finding real estate at the Costa Dorada

Los Duendes Properties is a Dutch estate agent that is specialized in real estate at the Costa Dorada. We like to share with you our knowledge after many years of experience with the Spanish housing market. We listen to your needs and wishes and help you to find your dream home. Our excellent reputation is thanks to the services we provide. Of course we help you to find a decent property and give you advice regarding permits. But we can also help you if you want to rent your house and help you to get a water and electricity connection.