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Ebro properties

Are you looking for a property in the proximity of the Ebro? That is very understandable and we would gladly inform you about the possibilities. The region around the Ebro is very attractive for buying a property. Spain is well known for its wonderful climate, and Ebro has the additional advantage that it is located in the northeast of Spain and therefore very easy to travel there from Northern Europe. You can go by plane but also by car over the French toll roads.

What does an Ebro property have to offer?

Some of the most important qualities for a second home have already been mentioned, like the climate. Maybe you even want to move there completely or make it your first property. That is not a bad choice either, it has been done before and many will follow in the future. Don’t forget we are talking about a property around the Ebro, close to the Mediterranean Sea. Many people will be very jealous because they are also dreaming about waking up to a Mediterranean view. For this reason you also do not have to worry about the value of the property. If you like to fish the Ebro offers you catfish, which are apparently very challenging!

Finding an Ebro property

Los Duendes has a great number of properties around the Ebro. For a successful purchase of a good property it is important for you to work with a reliable partner. Los Duendes’ service doesn’t stop after the contract is signed. We know everything there is to know about licenses and practical things like the connection of electricity and water. We know from our own experience of buying properties where the (administrative) pitfalls are. For a list of our present offers, click here.